Morning with God 25 November 2021

They brought unto Him also infants. — Luke 18:15 

Does Christ care for babies? Some people say no; they are too small for Christ to be interested in them. The disciples seem to have thought almost this, for they tried to keep the mothers from coming to Him with their infants, to get His blessing upon them. But Jesus rebuked the disciples and bade them let the children come.

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Francis Xavier once was so weary in his missionary work that he said he must have sleep or he would die. He went to his tent and bade the servant to let nobody disturb him until he could get sleep. Scarcely had the tent door been closed when the attendant saw the monk beckoning him. Then he said, “I made a mistake. If a little child comes, waken me.”

This seems very much like Jesus. He was never so busy or so weary that He would turn away a little child or even keep it waiting. The Christ who loved little children in those days loves them still. He loves also all childlike ones, all who have the spirit of little children.

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