Amazing gospel music minister, UniekGrace offers up an inspirational tune tagged “Never Alone.”

Describing the motivation and inspiration behind the song, Uniekgrace says, “Innocent, Sexually abused, Loss of confidence, Insecure, No faith in God, Psychologically imbalanced, Suicidal attempt, Crawled in a dark place for a decade: These were some of the content on my resumé as a 15-year-old far away from home.

I became angry with God. Why would He forsake me as a kid to go through all these traumatic experiences all by myself? Even though I was surrounded by a crowd, yet I felt alone.

My journey of light began when I decided to find my way back into the arms of God and He showed me the type of love that I needed, to let go of the hurt and the darkness I had hurled myself into. His love set me free!

It was a journey; an interesting one that changed my life forever. Now I have a different relationship with Him and with others around me. I became more than a conqueror; a sure survivor, once I realised that I was never alone and with God I am forever complete.

The situation is that God is always calling on us; but because of what life throws at us, we walk around like people without God.” – She recounts.

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