Nigerian Gospel singer Pastor Ifeoma Eze offers up a brand new single and music video titled “Favourite Secret Place” produced by Manus and directed by Etanuel.

Speaking on the song, Eze says, “This is an expression of deep love for God’s presence, which is my personal space and which will be yours too.”

“This single will draw you closer to God and will pull you into deeper intimacy and koinonia (fellowship) with Divinity.” – she concludes.

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Lyrics: Favourite Secret Place by Pastor Ifeoma Eze.


This is where I draw,
From all grace,
To avert disgrace,

At your face,
Where I cast my gaze,
To be more like You,


I want more of you, (Eh Eh Eh)
I want more of you,
My soul cries out to you,
I want more of you.

Jesus, Your Presence is my,
Favourite Secret Place.


Hide me, Lord,
In your presence Lord,
It’s where I belong,

No other place,
Exudes with such grace,
Where I stand amazed,


This is where (3x)
I find favour,
This is where (3x)
I find pleasure.

This is where (3x)
I find treasure,
This is where (3x)
It all happens.