Kimberly Adé the Toronto based gospel music diva releases her much anticipated debut single and music video titled WHITE FLAG.
This song is simply about NOT GIVING UP! There were times in my life where I was on the brink of surrendering to (FEAR, doubt in my myself and what God had placed within me, insecurities and anxieties about what people think
6 years ago  I was in a low place! unsure of my future,  I was unsure of myself and I wanted to quit everything and just be what I thought was Normal. But  this song dropped in my spirit. I remember grabbing my phone and the lyrics came like a flood and I began to cry. I wrote this entire song in 10 min. Right then and there I knew one day I’d share it with the world and encourage God’s children to Hold on! TO NOT GIVE UP and to never surrender !! The enemy will always TRY  to abort the purpose and plan God has set into motion but he will always fail!  
What God had said concerning us will  come to pass therefore I’ll hold on and push forward !!
I refuse to wave the WHITE FLAG
Watch Video Below
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