She affirms that “wealth, fame, influence, and all other abstracts would mean nothing to her if she wasn’t impacting lives in every way she finds possible. This is why added to her being an educationist, businesswoman, and philanthropist, she is doing all she can to reach the souls and minds of people through her music.”

Also proving how impact-oriented she is, her first-ever track as an artist — titled “It’s Our Time” — was inspired by the End SARS protests and how Nigeria has entered a new era of freedom and justice.

Her latest single is titled The Journey” and it is Funmilayo Waheed-Adekojo (real name) encouraging Nigerians and everyone who listens to her music to begin a self-discovery journey and find themselves. The song is aimed at rekindling the fire of hope in the listener and encouraging them to live life at their own pace.

“We all have a journey in phases and turns. Different patterns and directions… stay on your ground, on your lane. Don’t give up…”

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Lyrics: The Journey by Funmi Ayinke

-the journey of life
-The journey that we all have
– is so real.
-But reality comes as a decoy oh oh
-We all have our journey in phases and time.
-Different parts and directions oh oh oh oh
-though your friends made it before you and life seems slow towards you.
-But right from this moment your life has begun

-stay on your path
-on your lane
-don’t give up
-its not about where you are right now
-but where you’re heading to

Verse 2
-in this journey of life.
-it’s a blessing to be alive.
-don’t miss it.
-when reality comes with its decoys hold on to this
– that the bigger the huddles comes the greater reward.
-and this happens to those who in patience believe
-so let go of all distractions
-your goal should be the focus
-cause here in this moment your life is unfolding.
-look at the sky spreading up so wide
-so wide it can contain everyone
– how you use your space is all up to you
-so stand tall with your head up high you’re almost there.