Peter John once again drops a powerful worship song promising to set worship stages on fire. This one is titled “Love Me Too Much” and produced by PIANO (also known as Dr. Paul).

This song is an expression of our awareness of God’s love and doings in our lives. “We can’t ignore the fact that he works in the affairs of man and that his hand is seen in the daily occurrences of our lives.” – Peter says.

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Lyrics: Love Me Too Much By Peter John

Verse 1:
I can imagine of your love
I can imagine of your grace
I can imagine of your sacrifice on Calvary
Just for me

I can imagine of your power
I can imagine of your glory
I can imagine of your majesty,  you laid down just to save me
So much sorrow that you bare

So much pain that you endured
So much loneliness  you went through
Just for me, oh yeah.

Jesus you love me too much o
Jesus Christ you love me too much.

Verse 2:
Where would I be without your love
Where can I  go without your light
What can I do without the strength from you
And hope for every day.

How can I live without your life
How can I breath without your air
How can I run without the strength from you
Without you by my side

So much riches that you gave
So much gladness that you bring
So much pleasure in the word from you
My hope, everyday.

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