Lydia Jim-Agada out with a new song titled  ‘Weak without You’. We can do nothing without the Lord.

Life is meaningless, directionless, hopeless without Him. Life gets tiring without Him. The reason some get depressed and give up in life is simply because they are living without Christ. But all you have to do is give it all to Him. Surrender your all, give Him your life, let Him take, break, mould  and use you for His glory.

Giving up is not the way forward. Depression, suicidal tendencies, giving up on life is never the option So say to Him, “Lord I surrender my all to You;  because I am #WeakWithoutYou!


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Lyrics: Weak Without You by Lydia Jim Agada

Verse 1:
I have often wondered why some people just give up
Now and then challenges come and I feel like giving up
Then I finally understood that it’s just because I’m living without You
Troubles come it’s so hard
I just break down and then cry
Driving me insane all I do is
Holler, scream, shout STOP!
Then I finally realized all I have to do is give all to You

I am weak without You
And I fail by myself
So here is my life
I give it to You
I am weak without You
And I fail by myself
So here is my life
Surrender to You

Verse 2:
Life is so hard when you try to live it on your own
You meet frustrations road blocks and you can’t go on
There’s a Man upstairs ready to help
If you surrender to Him
I know how you feel
Because I’ve been down that same road
Tried to make it on my own
So many times I failed
Until the day I realized
All I had to do was surrender to Him

You can make it by His Grace
It’s free for every one of us
He loves you so much
That He sent His Only Son for you
So just admit that you are weak without Him
And you need His help
As you come running
He’s waiting
With arms open wide
As you say

So I give You my (give You my) life
Lord take me and change me and use me to fulfill Your will
I surrender my all to You
Break me and change me
Remould me and use me (use me) Jesus
I can’t go another day without You
Without You in my life I am lost
I’m so tired of living my life
Without You