Northeast Ohio (USA) gospel singer, worship leader and song writer Weston Skaggs offers up a brand new single titled “Rich Man”

Weston Skaggs, puts biblical text to music on “Rich Man”, piercing the heart, this track demands an introspective look personally, and Church-wide.”

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Lyrics: Rich Man by Weston Skaggs

Verse 1
Woe to you Rich Man
You worship comfort and
ignore the struggle of other citizens
Woe to you rich man
It would be easier
For you to pass through a needles eye
Than for you to enter into paradise
Be sure your sin will find you out
Be sure your sin will find you out
Be careful where you tread
Or where you make your bed
Be sure your sin will find you out
Woe to you Pharisee
Checking off those boxes that you’re trying to hold on over me
Woe to you Pharisee
Widows and orphans
You’ve for-gotten in your quest for piety
Woe to you church blue and red
Is your religion bout what Jesus said?
Or does that fit your party line?
Woe to you church blue and red
Have you like sheep been led
To accept a lesser dream
Than what your Savior died to redeem?
Woe to me now I am lost
Fate is certain my lots been tossed
I am unclean before the King
Woe to me I am undone
Who can for me my sin atone?
With all this evil deep inside
How could I enter into paradise?