All it takes for the Bangalore (India) based Gospel Singer and Songwriter Suhas Samuel to write a song is being in a soul comforting presence of mind that comes from the Love and Peace of Jesus Christ.

The choice of not keeping this feeling within himself but to take this amazing vibe to the world is the vision of this independent artist.

Lost in years of spiritual blindness away from God and when being found by him is when Suhas’s testimonial debut single “You Found Me” took its birth. At the peak of this Joyful feeling of being forgiven for his past is when this song poured out within 10 minutes from his mind.

The song is inspired from a biblical portion Parable of the lost sheep in the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 18 which is being featured as the Official animated music video.

It all fell in place when his far cousin brother Andrew Harris multi-instrumentalist and Producer met Suhas at a Youth camp in Pondicherry where they this song for the first time and he immediately set the tone, groove and the vibe that gave this song its life.

The elated Dancy soulful sound of the track expresses the Happiness of being lost and found.

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