Open Heaven Daily Devotional 

TOPIC:  What is Your Meat?

“Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.” – (John 4:34)

READ: Luke 2:40-49 (KJV)

Open Heaven Daily Devotional   MESSAGE

How I wish that men would know the purpose of God for their lives and run with it with so much vigour that it becomes like food to them. I don’t know what I will be doing on this earth if I am not fulfilling the purpose for which He brought me into this world. Jesus Christ said in our memory verse today that His food is to do God’s will.

If you have not asked God why He sent you to this world, please ensure that you do so today and don’t stop asking until you get a clear answer. If you are determined to ensure that His purpose for bringing you into this world is fulfilled then it will show in the choices you make. If you are so focused on doing His will that it is like food to you, you will make some very bold choices in order to fulfil that purpose.

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When I made the choice of leaving my job as a lecturer to become a full-time Pastor over a Church that could barely pay me any salary, people said I was crazy, but the will of the One who sent me was my meat so I never turned back. Now that God’s will is coming to pass and His glory is beginning to shine, those people who thought I was crazy are now glorifying God for my life.

Jesus Christ did not only say that His meat is to do the will of the Father, but also to finish the Father’s work. Some start off doing the will of the Father, but along the way that zeal wanes. They find meat in something else other than the will of God. The reason for this is that the sent has lost touch with the sender. I pray that God will give you the grace to finish strong in Jesus’ name.

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If you are still very much in touch with the one who sent you to this world, in the middle of your conversations, He will keep encouraging you and restating His will for you. You will come out of every encounter with Him with a determination to do more for Him. The will of God for my life has remained my meat for over 40 years now. He keeps showing me new dimensions of His will.

Whenever He tells me something new, my strength is renewed and I can move on. If you remain in touch with the One who has sent you, He will give you the grace to finish His work.

Are you so passionate about God’s will for your life that it is as essential as food is to your survival?

Ezekiel 17 – 19