Recently, Sammy Nino released new music with a single titled “Chase The Giver.” The track is available now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Speaking on the song, Sammy shares  “This new song means a lot. I self-produced it, and I wrote it with one of my dear friends Tom Walsh. This song was inspired by a sermon on King Solomon and was also inspired in a season where I was listening a lot to Marvin Gaye. You will definitely hear that influence in the song. 

This is my first release since leaving my music label. As sad as I was to part ways, and as thankful I am to them for teaching me a lot, I felt it was time for me to step back and really figure out what I wanted to pursue in my music journey. I am still figuring out what that means but I’ve always said this is a lifetime journey so I am in no rush. In the meantime, I am happy to release new ideas for you while I still figure out what is next. Hope you enjoy!” -Nino

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