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TOPIC:  He Will Not Let My Foot Slip

A few weeks ago, I did and said something that upset a family member. I never apologised. I was impatient, and what I said was unkind, totally unnecessary, and probably spiteful. The family left us shortly after the incident and I went on as usual. But I felt bad. I felt a bit grumpy about this same family member. Nothing was said. We went our way. They went theirs. And our communication continued with WhatsApp … But …

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‘He will not let your foot slip’. One day I read this psalm and this sentence spoke to me. ‘He will not let your foot slip.’ I know that in the last few weeks, since this incident happened between me and my much-loved relative, there has been a barrier. I’ve felt it. I have felt upside-down with God. I found I hadn’t wanted to pray. I felt too tired and busy to have my time with God in the morning.

I felt upside down and very distant from prayer and from God’s presence. Then it dawned on me that God wasn’t letting me go. I had to put things right and apologise, forgive, and ask for forgiveness over this silly little incident that had upset me and upset a member of my family – and which couldn’t be righted between me and God, or that person, until that putting right had happened.

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My foot had, indeed, slipped – and God wasn’t giving me peace until things had been put right. I had to send those apologies. They were genuine. I felt so bad about it. But now the air is clear, and I know that things are right between us. That cloud has lifted! My peace has returned.


Thank You, God, that it really matters to You that I say sorry and put right my part in relationship with others when I have hurt them, or when they have hurt me. Thank You that You don’t let my foot slip, because You want to pull me back into relationship with others and closeness with You – and that is something of infinite importance to know in my life. Thank You that I can know peace with You again. Amen.
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