Singer and songwriter Sundi Jo releases her new single, titled “Where in the World?”  This heartfelt song tackles the enduring issue of racial prejudice and discrimination and seeks to inspire unity, empathy, and positive change.

“Where in the World?” is not just another song; it’s a profound expression of the struggles faced by those who have been unjustly judged and mistreated based on the colour of their skin. The lyrics of the song take the listener on a journey through the painful experiences of racial bias and discrimination, resonating with audiences who have felt the weight of this issue on all sides.

This song is written straight from the heart after I witnessed racism at a level that still makes my blood boil when I think about it,” said Sundi Jo. “I saw a video of an African American man singing this amazing song. He sounded just like Waylon Jennings. Then I saw one of the comments, and it made my heart drop. Some guy who didn’t even know him said, ‘Why don’t you go back to the cotton fields where you belong?’ I seriously couldn’t believe what I’d just read, and I thought to myself, This is 2023. Are you freaking kidding me? So, I took my anger and decided to do something productive about it and write this song.

Amidst these challenges, “Where in the World?” stands as a testament to hope. It carries a powerful message of unity, reminding us that, underneath the surface, we all share the same capacity for love, pain, and compassion. The song is a heartfelt call for a world where innocence and acceptance prevail, not only for the present generation but for generations to come.

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Sundi Jo is an Americana/Roots Gospel recording artist, singer, and songwriter from Missouri. Imagine a voice that sounds like a blend of Lucinda Williams, Iris Dement, Anne Wilson, and Zach Williams, and you’ll find Sundi Jo. She brings a soulful style to her music that makes her unforgettable. Her voice and ability to write songs from the heart drive her passion to keep making music.

Sundi Jo’s music is a heartfelt journey that delves into real-life experiences and meaningful storytelling. With a voice that leaves an indelible mark on her listeners, she is a dedicated artist who strives to create music that truly resonates with her audience. “I want to write and perform songs that people can really resonate with, really feel,” said Sundi Jo. “The world needs more vulnerability, and so does the church. I hope to provide that, along with some hope.”

“I believe this song has the potential to spark important conversations and contribute to the ongoing fight against racial prejudice and discrimination.”

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