TREM Daily Devotional 1 December 2021

TOPIC: Nothing Too Hard for God to Do

SCRIPTURE: “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is there anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 32:27 KJV

MESSAGE: I don’t know how some people see this God that we are serving. What makes you think that God is going to do things the same way man does? He is not going to follow man’s system; that is what makes Him supernatural. When you approach God to make a demand, don’t make a demand as if you are talking to a man. No! You are talking to God. He knows how to remove any person that is standing in your way and bring in the right person that will do His bidding. By the time the former person comes back, the paper would have been signed. It will be obvious that the only reason God moved him out was because your paper needed to be signed.

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Expect signs, wonders and miracles. Expect the unusual! Expect the overruling of the doctor’s report! Expect the supernatural removal of obstacles and impediments. Those fighting you may even be in a cult but when you appear, they will be against themselves. You will be above only and not beneath. Every word spoken over your life will no longer hang. It will rest upon your life. You are entering the big league. The world is waiting for you.

Don’t you know that the economy of the world is shaking because of you? God said, “I will shake the heaven and I will shake the earth.” There will be a shaking and the glory of the latter-day house shall be greater than the former. You are the latter-day house. You will build that house. You will buy that car. You will go to anywhere you want to go. You will wear what you want to wear. All your bills shall be paid, and your health will not fail you.

Learn to calculate your resources based on your Father’s resources. You can never be poor in life. Always align your mentality with what Christ accomplished on your behalf.

Read Streams of Joy Daily Devotional 1 December 2021 – No Difficulty

Hebrews 11:1-16

Morning – Ezekiel 40-41
Evening – 2 Peter 3

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