UK-based-Nigerian gospel music singer, songwriter and minister, Debrah Olubukola delivers a brand new song ‘Praise Medley’ accompanied by an outstanding lyrics video, produced by Phatstringz. 

Praise Medley by Debrah Olubukola is a collection of self-written songs of praises rendered in adoration to the Most High God. With such spiritually written work in place, the new tune also themed as ‘Declare His Praises’ promises to bless every listener of the song.

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Lyrics: Praise Medley By Debrah Olubukola


Praise the Lord,
Oh ye people, are you ready to give God some praise,
Come on, For the bible says:
Heaven declares the glory of the Lord.

And the firmament shows forth His handwork,
Come on give God some praise.


I will sing of your Mercy,
Sing of your kindness,
Sing of your faithfulness,
Heaven declares your glory.

Firmament show your works,
Why shouldn’t I praise you (3x).


I give glory to your name -Jehovah,
In adoration to your name -Lord most high, (2x)
I give praises to your name – Jehovah,
In adoration to your name – Lord most high.

I give honour to your name – Jehovah,
In adoration to your name – Lord most high,
I give praises to your name – Jehovah,
In adoration to your name- Lord most high.

I give praises, glory, honour, power,
Dominion, power, forever and ever,
And ever and ever and ever,
I give praises to your name.

Lord most high,

Praise Him with the timbre and dance,
Declare His praises.


Magnificent God, Mighty God, Great I am,
Adonai, Immortal and Invisible God,
You are God by yourself oh Lord (5x).


Thank you, Jesus – God of wonders (4x),
Daalu Jesus – Chineke nke ebube (2x),
Eze ndi eze – Chineke nke ebube,
Obata obie – Chineke nke ebube.

Ese o Jesu – Oba iyanu (2x),
Onise ara – Oba iyanu,
Alawi lese – Oba iyanu,
Iyanu (6x).

What’s His name,
Wonder (8x),
Thank you, Jesus (2x).

You made a way for me – God of wonders,
You do what no man can do – God of wonders,
You’re my life, You’re my friend,
You’re my shield, Oh thank you, Jesus.

You turn my life around – God of wonders,
And around and around and around – God of wonders,
Ese o Jesu – Oba iyanu (2x),
Onise ara – Oba iyanu.

Alawi lese – Oba iyanu,
Thank you, Jesus (2x),
I give glory,
I declare your praise Jesus.

You’re my life,
You’re my shield,
My spirit praise your name,
My soul magnifies you.

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