Christian singer-songwriter Petrina Pacheco is set to release her latest single “Be the Light” on Christian radio. The song, co-written by Pacheco and John Chisum, is produced by Chris Springer for iNOV8 Productions, Inc. and will be available on Christian AC and Christian Country radio formats.

“Be the Light” is a powerful reminder for Christians to shine their light in the midst of darkness, just as Jesus commanded in Matthew 5:16. Pacheco’s personal journey of overcoming depression, addiction, and suicidal thoughts serves as the inspiration behind the song. She hopes that “Be the Light” will offer hope and comfort to listeners during these challenging times.

Pacheco’s soulful vocals, combined with the catchy melody and uplifting lyrics, make “Be the Light” a standout track. The song encourages listeners to be a beacon of hope and love in their communities, especially for those who are suffering and in need of support.

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“Be the Light” is a testament to Petrina Pacheco’s musical prowess and her unwavering faith in God. With its message of hope and inspiration, “Be the Light” is a must-listen for all Christian music fans. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this powerful track on Christian radio.

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